Sunday, 25 December 2011

Outfit of the Day- 25/12/11

Hello Beauties,

This is my first ever'Outfit of the Day' post and it's what i wore today for CHRISTMAS DAY!

On the 2nd picture the dress is supposed to zip up to where the dress draws in again, but the mannequin isn't the same size as me and the dress is too small for it.

Dress- Lipsy, £40, size 8
'Love' Necklace- Accessorize, £5
Pearl Bracelet- Primark, £3, set of 3 (smallest in set)
Hair clip- Cherry Chau, £25
Shoes- Shuch, £30, size 6

Hope you liked the outfit!

Love Amelia x


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  1. Your dress is gorgeous! So pretty. Hope you had a brilliant Christmas :) xxx