Monday, 12 December 2011

Countdown to Christmas 13 Days

Hello Beauties,



And I've decided to do another nail design post.

This design is sparkly party nails, just in time for the party season.

You will need:

  • 1 colour of glitter
  • 1 nail polish that is close to the same colour of your glitter
  • 1 top coat or hairspray or both

Step 1

Paint your nail in your chosen colour.

Step 2

When the nail is still wet, cover it with your chosen colour of glitter.

Step 3

Spray nails with hairspray or paint them with a top coat. Or ,if you prefer,spray with hairspray and cover with top coat. Do this to keep the glitter in place and stop it rubbing off on your clothes.

I've done a bag of 18 false nails, which you can cut and file down to your preferred length, if you would like them free of any charges please send me a message with your name and address or if you don't want to give me your address, which is understandable, you can give me the address of a nearby post office which you can pick them up from.

A few weeks ago I did a set of 20 multicoloured tiger nails...

You can also get them send to you , also free of charge, by also sending me a message.

Thank you for reading!!
Love Amelia x

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