Tuesday, 27 September 2011

eBay Campain for Wool Designer Bags

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Have you all seen the one off designer bags on eBay on the Harvey Nicholas section?

"Harvey Nichols is pleased to support The Campaign for Wool this September with an exclusive installation of bespoke wool bags by some of our key international designer brands."

One-off wool creations by Alexander McQueen, Anya Hindmarch, Burberry, Christian Louboutin, Quentin Mackay, Sang A, Smythson and Vivienne Westwood will be on display, in a specially curated wool installation, in Harvey Nichols London throughout September.
Every bag in the Harvey Nichols installation is an exclusive, a once in a lifetime collector’s item.

Just a bit about the 'Campaign for Wool'

The Campaign for Wool was initiated by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, who had observed that the wool industry was facing enormous and unprecedented challenges.The Campaign is multi-national, multi-sector and inclusive, and tries to embrace all sections of w
ool users from the very largest companies to specialist artisans.

About the Campaign for Wool

So have a look a the bags (which are all gorgeous) and if you do have enough money to bid on one please comment!!!!!! 

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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Autumn Winter 2011 Catwalks - Boy Style

Hello Beauties, 
For sharp ideas on tailoring, designers borrowed from he boys. Dressy menswear- tuxedos, cummerbunds, silk ties and overcoats- is a neat option for evening, but the most sensuous looks added a feminine spin by teaming with a desirably silk shirt or sparkly trousers and heels.

Once again I'm just going to show you some of my favourite pieces from the 2011 catwalks. Enjoy and comment with which looks you liked!

Think Masculine suiting, tweed, a classic white shirt, brogues, a trilby hat...   

Tibi                                                                                This outfit is probably one of the more feminine outfits in the 'menswear' category, as it has a beautifully, girly, frilly top matched with a gorgeously defining white jacket. The trousers look fabulous too as they, like the jacket, define your leg, in the same way the black collar defines the white jacket; the white and black of the jacket is such a contrast, it makes the white look even whiter!

Stella McCartney
This piece of Stella McCartney's is quite plain, but with a simple charm.

"This season we made the collection more masculine in some places and more feminine in others, playing around with silhouette, layering and movement"
Stella McCartney 

Chanel has gone for darker shades, like these greys, with no contrasting white like the previous 2 image. But Chanel has once again stunned me with just how beautiful the designs are. 

Coco Chanel loved a girl in boy's clothes- and her brand of chic subversion is everywhere this season.

Paul Smith-
This coat is a kind of coat that you would see on a man walking to work or through town in winter etc. It does look like a man's coat, actually I think my Granddad has a coat like this, but Paul Smith has changed it so it looks like the perfect winter accessory. 

"I was listening to a lot of Patti Smith when I was working on the collection, so that definitely had an impact on what I sent down the catwalk. I love her boyish look."
Paul Smith

Just had to do 2 pictures for DKNY!  Both the outfits are gorgeous!
1st picture-
The leather just looks so nice and luxurious with the gorgeous cream coat and I love the contrasting colours.
2nd picture- 
This outfit is also amazing! I love the shoes because of the two-tone on them, as I said before I love contrasting colours, and they just go so well with the jacket (which I also adore)

This coat is one of the more feminine pieces of the outfit, I also think that this ensemble crosses over into the 'Fetish' look too, just because of the hat.

"The pieces most representative of this collection were snatched from men's wardrobes, but the exacting style and rigid line of tailcoats, tuxedos and riding jackets has been toned down with precious fabrics and decoration" 

Rosella Jardini, Moschino

So, I hope you like the post, I would love to hear what your favourite 'boy style' pieces from the a/w 2011 catwalks were and comment with ideas for more posts or videos. 

BTW!! please check out my YouTube channel where I do videos related to my posts.
So if you want to watch the 'Boy Style' video that I've made follow this link- http://www.youtube.com/user/elegantangelx?feature=mhee
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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Autumn Winter 2011 Catwalks - Jewel Tones

Hello Beauties, 
Yes, there was a lot of black of the catwalks (it's the autumn collections, isn't there always?) but it was punctuated by colours that dazzled like prize gems: emerald, amethyst, garnet, ruby, sapphire... For maximum impact, glistening sequins and silks give jewel-toned creations a glamour that's simply priceless.

All the images are of designer, catwalk, clothes. They are extremely expensive. And, like many others I simply can not afford these clothes so I go out shopping and buy items of clothing from high street stores that resemble these high fashion masterpieces! Hope this tip was useful!

"These deep gem shades are exotic, mesmerising and so impactful"
Harriet Quick, fashion features director.

One of my favourite emerald catwalk pieces was from Gucci; this dress was a complex masterpiece (as you can see in the picture above)

This gorgeous kind of casual dress also caught my eye, the green is such a lovely colour and I, personally, love the colour combination of brown and green.
This dress is very 60's, 70's style and at the actual catwalk show the model wore a black kind of cowboy style hat and a bright orange bag, which I thought really made the dress stand out. However I didn't like the hat too much. By Marc by Marc Jacobs.

This coat is a bit darker than the other greens. I love these style of coats as they compliment most figures. This outfit has been another marvellous creation by Chanel, bravo, I applaud you! 


I absolutely ADORE the colour purple and so, amethyst being my favourite gem stone, I love the amethyst coloured clothes out there this autumn. 

I couldn't find a picture that better displays the coat, but I think the catwalk model did tit more justice than this model. But the coat looks so rich and expensive its unreal! By Versace.

"Jewel colours have taken over from the brights of last season, and with names like garnet, sapphire and citrine they instantly give you the feeling of owning something rich and luxurious"
Miranda Almond, fashion editor


This coat does look a bit orange in this picture, but trust me, its red! I love the elegant sophisticated style of this coat and the colour is so bright, you'll be sure to stand out. By Alberta Ferretti.


The picture on the left is the only picture I could find of my favourite outfit in the 'garnet' section of the a/w catwalk pictures. It's just so, British, and it has a wonderful countryside feel to it which I love!

"Embrace the inky hues of Renaissance paintings. Wear for day and night as a new, sophisticated alternative to black" 
Kate Phelan, fashion director.


I liked this coat a lot, as it has a simple charm, looks exquisite and, frankly, I love the colour. It's by Jil Sander.


For me, this dress, is the absolute image of elegance, as it just has a  beautiful air of grace about it. This masterpiece was created by Bottega Veneta.

So thanks for reading, beauties! Please comment with your views, ideas, opinions, etc. 
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Monday, 12 September 2011


Hello Beauties, 
Hi from elegantangel! It's my first blog on blogger before and what I aim to do is get you involved when I write about beauty and fashion.

As I just said, I write about anything to do with beauty or fashion. I will write about anything you want me too aswell, what ever it is ( If you have any ideas on what I could write about please comment or send me an email at elegantangel@hotmail.co.uk ) 

So about me, well the basics are:
<3 I'm 15 (born 12th April 1996)
<3 I've got brown hair
<3 I've got blue eyes
<3 I'm 5ft8" tall

Oh, and my name is Amelia Jones!
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