Wednesday, 12 December 2012



Sorry I've posted nothing in ages! I've had exams again.

So, seeing as its 12.12.12, I thought I'd post with it being a special day (sort of).

Well... Recently I've be one obsessed with being skinny, I'm a size 8/10 at the moment however I feel I need to stay skinny.

I've been looking at 'thinspo' (stands for thinspiration) tumblr, Pinterest, google images etc and they really do have some shocking images. Yes, there are lovely pictures of beautiful skinny, tanned girls however there are scarily thin girls which are quite frightening.

I just thought I'd share my two best thinspo findings with you...

These girls look how I want to. Every time I see these pictures and have some inspirational music on like 'bohemian like you' I feel like I can do it, I won't eat, I will do exercise. I will be that skinny. But at this moment I'm sat here eating a smokey bacon crisp sandwich with a diet coke. I keep putting off doing exercise especially as its winter and I feel hungry more nowadays.

However I keep thinking if I was someone else and they saw a picture of me, not sounding big headed, but I'm not exactly fat. And I would say to them 'your crazy look at yourself your so skinny' I think it's just because its me and I look at other people with admiration, well, the nice ones.

Anyone else ever had this?

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Monday, 14 May 2012


Sorry for not posting in a while I've had exams, again :(
So I thought I'd show you my 5 favourite TOPSHOP makeup products out of the ones I've tried. So if you've got different favourite TOPSHOP products please comment them below!
These are in no particular order ;)
1. Blush in Flush

Perfect for summer, it says on the packaging 'dot on cheeks and blend' but I also like to dust over with some powder foundation to make it look more natural. And the colour may also look scarily bright for some but it really isn't. I've never been a big fan of bright makeup for myself so I wouldn't buy something if it was mega bright.
Rate: ★★★
Gypsy Night Nail Polish

As you can see by my picture of the bottle, I've used this a lot. I mainly use it for when I'm going out in the evening as a different, more interesting, alternative to black. Also, in the second picture (from the TOPSHOP website) I don't think the actual colour on your nails has the blue bits in it, but it definitely has the red and gold colours, it's gorgeous!
Rate: ★★★★
Nail Tattoos

Seeing as I've used most of my nail tattoos I thought you'd like to see the whole set so I got these of the TOPSHOP website. These can make any nails look instantly creative and professional. I also like the little line on the packaging that said 'create your own prophecy' it reminded me of something Harry Potter like. Plus, they're really quick, easy and mess free to apply. Literally takes 10 seconds!
Rate: ★★★
Lip Polish in Rhubarb

Sadly, this product is no longer available for sale from TOPSHOP, however I would be willing to sell mine for any price. Just send me a message! And delivery will be free ;) this product is very good but I have lots of similar ones so that's why I'm selling it. It doesn't give a sticky coat and is amazing for covering chapped lips. Its got great pigmentation too!
Rate: ★★★
Metallic Nail Polish in Mercury Miasma

This is actually one of my favourite colours ever! It also goes really well with the nail tattoos ;) it's just something different if I'm honset and I'd highly recommend it!
Rate: ★★★★
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Monday, 12 March 2012

Seeing Stripes


These have to be my FAVOURITE item of the season because they come in a variety of colours and they go with basically anything! I really can't describe how much I like them and I currently have two pairs :) you can wear them with tights or on there own and if you get them in a pastel colour they can be a good representative of the ultra girlie trend or just to have something that's fresh for spring.

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Outfit of the Day 26.02.12


It's another one of those outfit posts!

Dress- Primark £5
Denim Jacket- Primark £12
Necklace- Accessorize £5
Sandals- Office £40
Sunglasses- River Island £13

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pretty Pastels.

Just to show you 2 different sets of pastel themed collages I made because I absolutely adore the recent pastel trend.

All these items are from Zara.

All these items are from River Island.