Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A New Project...

Hello everyone!

I am so incredibly happy that I've reached 27 followers! I know its not a big number but in November I only had 2 followers, so thank you all for following me!!

I'm going on holiday in March and I have a break from school in a week so I would really like a new sewing project. I would be incredibly grateful if you could sketch a picture (it doesn't have to be neat) of an idea for a piece of clothing that I could buy material for and make, I could also send it to you when it was finished, free of charge obviously :)

This would really help me with getting to know what other people want to wear.

If you are interested please sketch a garment and take a picture of it, then email it to me - elegantangel@hotmail.co.uk

The piece of clothing could be a top, skirt, dress, shorts, etc. but please, nothing too complicated :) Also it would help drew the back and the side of the item and add what type of material you would like it to be. I will definitely email you back!

So thank you for reading this and I hop you do sent me a picture of an item of clothing you've designed! I will sent it back to you when it's done!

Love Amelia xx

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Textiles Homework


Again, sorry I haven't posted in ages! I've had a lot of school work to do :( and a lot of exams. I've still go a few exams left al I won't be posting much in the next week either :(

So this is just a quick post with pictures of my textiles homework on it. We had to get a barbie doll or something like one and using one piece of fabric to make a dress with no cutting or sewing involved and photograph it.

So here it is...

Friday, 20 January 2012

Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2011

I watch a LOT of YouTube videos, and I mean a lot! So I thought I'd do my top 10 favourite YouTube videos of 2011.

I do have a YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/elegantangelx?feature=mhee) I don't make videos I  just upload music ones if I need the music for something, mainly because I hate the sound of my voice when it's recorded.

So lets start at number 10!
10.Niall Horan Potato
I've never been a huge 1D fan but when I saw this video I instantly loved it!
The video is Niall Horan saying potato after getting some abuse because he was Irish. The actual clip is only about 3 seconds long but it's repeated so the video is about 30 seconds. I would definitely watch it, look out for the hand in the background ;)

9.Ballerina Makeup Tutorial by SuperBeautyNerd
Honestly one of my favorite beauty bloggers!!! If you don't watch this video please look at her channel!

8.Sam Pepper Lies to the Public by OFFICIALsampepper
Just because he's so damn cute!

7. Ask Bertie 2! by BertieBertG
It was my younger sister who first 'introduced' me to Bertie Gilbert (who plays Scorpius Malfoy) in Harry Potter and since June 2011 he has become one of my favourite Youtubers! So watch some of his videos, he is absolutely hilarious and he's actually quite good looking! The starts a bit slow but carry on watching it! The questions are very funny.

6.Happy New Year! by BertieBertG
OMG ANOTHER BERTIEBERTG VIDEO!! This one is just because there are a lot of good looking boys on the screen ;) and I think they were all pissed. enjoy...

5.RIHANNA'S S&M by dailygrace
Daily Grace's take on S&M. SHe believes that it is a tragic love story bout little bow peep who lost a sheep, called na na na na. Very funny.

4. HARRY POTTER RAP! by honeychip
A very funny Harry Potter parody rap.

3.Welcome to Tumbleweed! by Tumbleweed prd.
I loved this video when my sister first showed it me! Mainly because all the boys in it are fit, however they are a bit young looking in this video, but also because it was pretty damn hilarious! Again it has Bertie Gilbert in it (BertieBertG) and it probably looks like I'm obsessed with them! Trust me, I'm not. Honest.

2. TRUE LOVE by dailygrace
An absolutely hilarious video by the amazing daily grace!

1. QUIT IT!- a song by CopperCab's Grandma by danielson742
SO you know the ginger kid from the 'gingers have souls' video? watch it if you don't. Well this is his grandma, his actual grandma. His account got hacked so he put a video of his grandma telling the people who hacked his account to give him his account back. And someone made this remix of it. HILARIOUS!

Just so you know I have nothing against gingers!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Marry the Night by Lady Gaga Music Video Review

Hello Beauties, 

Today I will be reviewing Lady Gaga's Marry the Night music video.


The video starts off with just seeing a dirty looking Lady Gaga's head spinning round slowly. There is a lot of talking and you can't see whats going on but there were a lot of 'wise words' said. I loved when she said 'my past is an unfinished painting, and as the artist of that painting I must fill in all the ugly hole and make it beautiful again'.

Then it shows that she is being wheeled by 2 nurses in a stretcher (or gurnie) and it appears obvious that she is in a hospital. But then, she says her and the nurses are wearing next season Calvin Klein, and she tilted there hair nets to the side because it was romantic.

It is also obvious that all the nurses are blonde and pretty and it then becomes obvious that shes just had some sort of operation and she is on morphine (a very strong painkiller used in hospitals that can make people hallucinate).  She also says that she is going to be a star, because she had nothing left to loose.

It then shows her asking for music to be played but she asks in french. You then get taken to a stage where she is doing ballet as a normal looking Lady Gaga, not the woman we saw in the hospital bed. Next it shows her going to sleep in a makeshift room and answering a phone, again she starts speaking french, and quickly shes starts going crazy and starts throwing things around her room. it also shows small clips of her dancing and looking like she doesn't know what she's doing.

It then shows her in her bath dying her hair blue. It seems that she went crazy with the pressure of dancing and ended up throwing away a dance career she could have had. 

Then the actual song starts. At 8:49.

She is in a totally different place, it's dark, dirty and full of cars. There is amazing dancing. And I mean, AMAZING!

At  the end of the video she has 'INTERSCOPE REDORDS HOLLYWOOD, CA, 4pm' written on her hand.

I think that the story portrayed through the video was of a woman who has just had an operation, who wants to be a star, hallucinates that she is a ballet dancer and she ruins that career, so she works hard and practices dancing and in the end she gets an appointment with a record company.

I loved how the video portrayed, especially because it had a bit of that Gaga panache. However i thought  he video was a bot long (at over 13 minutes) and I wouldn't want all music videos to be like this but ,just because it's Lady Gaga, I'll make an exception.

Bought the Song: Yes
Bought the Video: I got it from the 12 days of Christmas app.

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Love Amelia 

Brit Awards... Who I Voted For

Hello Beauties,

Just to tell you who I voted for, for the Brit Awards!

Best single: A Team by Ed Sheeran
Best breakthrough act: Ed Sheeran
Best group: Arctic Monkeys

Monday, 16 January 2012

December Glossybox 2011

Hello Beauties,

I have definitely missed blogging!!

I haven't posted a proper post for what seems like an eternity so I thought I'd do what I got in my December glossybox.

The reasons I haven't been posting is because  I have been doing revision for my GCSE's as I am in my final year at high school, so that's been boring me to death. I've done 3 of my 5 exams and I have an English controlled assessment next week and an ICT exam thing in a few days.

I got my glossybox later than everyone else because I ordered it later so that's another reason why I'm doing this review so late.

Also, I've never done a glossybox post before even though I've had 4 of them.

If you don't know what glossybox is, it's a service that you pay £12.95 to a month (with no minimum subscription that you can cancel anytime) and you get 5 'high end' products that you can try. Some are sample sizes and some re full sized and this no gets delivered once a month.

So if you want more information go to this website...

You get your box in the post (I've blurred out my address) and it looks like this...

Then you open the packaging the see this...

Then you open the box...

The you see the 5 products you've been sent (you fill out a questionare when you create an account so they know what type of items to send you)

So I got...
Rituals Foaming Shower Foam.
I LOVE THIS!!!! It turns into a mouse kind of texture, it was full sized and it smells amazing! 
Price: £6.50 
Buy again: yes, definitely.

Blink+Go Long Lasting Black Mascara
I haven't tried this as I have decided to sell it on my cousin's eBay because I already have too many mascaras. 
And it's full sized.
Price: £14.99
Rate: Can't give it one, but the packaging looks cool.
Buy again: Couldn't say.

Cargo Lip Gloss
Half Size. Haven't tried it as I am selling it because I already have too many lip glosses.
Price: £10
Rate: Can't rate it.
Buy Again: Can't answer.

Deborah Lippmann mini Nail Varnish in Razzle Dazzle and Stripped To Go sachet
I adore this its such an amazing colour! And I havent tried the nail polish remover pads yet. 
Price: £16 (polish) £14 (pack of 14 pads)
Rate: ****
Buy again: Yes!

Age thing. 
I'm not going to do a proper review on this because I can't remember what it was as I gave it to my Mum because it was something to do with 'age'.

So I hope you liked this post, please comment below what your thought of it. And sorry once again for not posting for a while!

Love Amelia xx