Sunday, 6 November 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas... DECORATIONS!

Hello Beauties, 

I know 'Christmas Decorations' isn't the most exciting topic but the tree and home decorations from Anthropologie ( are far from boring.

These 6 tree animals are AMAZING! They look so cute and I know they're not extremely Christmasy but they are different and unique. Each animal can be bought online at Anthropologie, prices range from £8 to £14. You could put them on your main Christmas tree, or if they don't fit in with your main tree's style or theme you could buy a small tree for your room to put them on. I have a small tree in my room just because love Christmas and I can decorate the tree the way I want!

The Fox:

The Stag:

One of my favorites because it reminds me of Harry's Patronus from Harry Potter (btw I LOVE Harry Potter!)
and it looks very Christmasy too! It is also £14, the link --->,5,shop,forchristmas,shopbychristmas,christmasdecorations

The Robin:

My overall favorite because it is soft, fluffy and look cute, not to mention that its the cheapest one at £8. I associate robins with Christmas so this ones great for me! The link --->,5,shop,forchristmas,shopbychristmas,christmasdecorations

The Hedgehog:

£10 link --->,5,shop,forchristmas,shopbychristmas,christmasdecorations

The Owl:

Probably my least favorite but still cute £12 link --->,5,shop,forchristmas,shopbychristmas,christmasdecorations

The Squirrel:

Another one of my favorites! £14 link --->,5,shop,forchristmas,shopbychristmas,christmasdecorations

So those are all the animal tree decorations, but Anthropologie has more!

 This is a tree snowglobe in the shape of a salt-shaker. 

There are lots more of these so go and look at them on the website! ;) 

They also have tonnes more tree decorations...

Including a range of fruit and vegetables, like this fig
which is £20.

I would Strongly recommend ordering the catalogue, which is free (
its a really nicely printed one!

Plus if you order anything online it comes really nicely packaged! I can only order online because I live in Yorkshire and they only have 3 shops in the UK -2 are in London and 1 is in Edinburgh- store locator--->

Helena Bonham-Carter is known to shop at Anthropologie!!! 
link to the YouTube video that she says this --->

So, thank you for reading!
Love Amelia x

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