Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Nicki Minaj

Hello Beauties, 

Just a piece about Nicki Minaj. Comment if you like her I'm interested to know who does as I can't stand her! Of course I have nothing against people who like her it's just that I've never really liked her or her music.

In my opinion shes... "not suitable". I mean, have you seen the clothes she wears?!? I would insert pictures but I wouldn't want to be labelled as a porn site.

I'm not saying shes ugly but she isn't exactly pretty is she? Come on, have you seen her on this picture...

Whats with the cheap looking fake nails? And the chavvy outfit? Please comment if you think she looks nice, it might just be me who thinks she looks utterly disgusting.

And I think she dresses too much like Lady Gaga. Well, she tries to. However she always fails in my eyes. Lady Gaga dresses in unusual, creative outfits but they always seem to look really nice (most of them anyway).

See? She looks pretty on these pictures! The Hello Kitty one is a little odd, but still its better than this...

Need I say anything?

So thanks for reading, please comment on what you think on Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj! 

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Love Amelia xxx