Friday, 9 December 2011

Countdown to Christmas 16 Days

Hello Beauties,

And I thought I'd do another gift ideas post - but this time for brothers or boyfriends.
I did do some research for this post by asking some of my friends at school (which are boys) and also my brother.

1. Itunes voucher
You can't go wrong! (make sure they have an ipod/iphone/ipad first though).
You can get them from almost anywhere for a range of prices.

2. Hollister Top
This top could go with anything and everything and would be a perfect gift for your brother or boyfriend.

3.Comic Covered Notebook

NotOnTheHighStreet. From £26 to £28. (made to order)
Perfect for any person who likes to draw or doodle or who is in school.

4. Cashmere Football Scarf

NotOnTheHighstreet. £40. (made to order)
Available in any colours and almost every boy is a football fan, so it would be perfect!

5.Cassette Phone or iPod Case

NotOnTheHighstreet. £18. (over versions available) 
A cool and quirky present that any boy would love!

So, hope you liked those :) 

Love Amelia x

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