Friday, 20 January 2012

Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2011

I watch a LOT of YouTube videos, and I mean a lot! So I thought I'd do my top 10 favourite YouTube videos of 2011.

I do have a YouTube channel ( I don't make videos I  just upload music ones if I need the music for something, mainly because I hate the sound of my voice when it's recorded.

So lets start at number 10!
10.Niall Horan Potato
I've never been a huge 1D fan but when I saw this video I instantly loved it!
The video is Niall Horan saying potato after getting some abuse because he was Irish. The actual clip is only about 3 seconds long but it's repeated so the video is about 30 seconds. I would definitely watch it, look out for the hand in the background ;)

9.Ballerina Makeup Tutorial by SuperBeautyNerd
Honestly one of my favorite beauty bloggers!!! If you don't watch this video please look at her channel!

8.Sam Pepper Lies to the Public by OFFICIALsampepper
Just because he's so damn cute!

7. Ask Bertie 2! by BertieBertG
It was my younger sister who first 'introduced' me to Bertie Gilbert (who plays Scorpius Malfoy) in Harry Potter and since June 2011 he has become one of my favourite Youtubers! So watch some of his videos, he is absolutely hilarious and he's actually quite good looking! The starts a bit slow but carry on watching it! The questions are very funny.

6.Happy New Year! by BertieBertG
OMG ANOTHER BERTIEBERTG VIDEO!! This one is just because there are a lot of good looking boys on the screen ;) and I think they were all pissed. enjoy...

5.RIHANNA'S S&M by dailygrace
Daily Grace's take on S&M. SHe believes that it is a tragic love story bout little bow peep who lost a sheep, called na na na na. Very funny.

4. HARRY POTTER RAP! by honeychip
A very funny Harry Potter parody rap.

3.Welcome to Tumbleweed! by Tumbleweed prd.
I loved this video when my sister first showed it me! Mainly because all the boys in it are fit, however they are a bit young looking in this video, but also because it was pretty damn hilarious! Again it has Bertie Gilbert in it (BertieBertG) and it probably looks like I'm obsessed with them! Trust me, I'm not. Honest.

2. TRUE LOVE by dailygrace
An absolutely hilarious video by the amazing daily grace!

1. QUIT IT!- a song by CopperCab's Grandma by danielson742
SO you know the ginger kid from the 'gingers have souls' video? watch it if you don't. Well this is his grandma, his actual grandma. His account got hacked so he put a video of his grandma telling the people who hacked his account to give him his account back. And someone made this remix of it. HILARIOUS!

Just so you know I have nothing against gingers!!

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  1. I love On The Floor´s music video performing by JLo and Pitbull ;)