Monday, 16 January 2012

December Glossybox 2011

Hello Beauties,

I have definitely missed blogging!!

I haven't posted a proper post for what seems like an eternity so I thought I'd do what I got in my December glossybox.

The reasons I haven't been posting is because  I have been doing revision for my GCSE's as I am in my final year at high school, so that's been boring me to death. I've done 3 of my 5 exams and I have an English controlled assessment next week and an ICT exam thing in a few days.

I got my glossybox later than everyone else because I ordered it later so that's another reason why I'm doing this review so late.

Also, I've never done a glossybox post before even though I've had 4 of them.

If you don't know what glossybox is, it's a service that you pay £12.95 to a month (with no minimum subscription that you can cancel anytime) and you get 5 'high end' products that you can try. Some are sample sizes and some re full sized and this no gets delivered once a month.

So if you want more information go to this website...

You get your box in the post (I've blurred out my address) and it looks like this...

Then you open the packaging the see this...

Then you open the box...

The you see the 5 products you've been sent (you fill out a questionare when you create an account so they know what type of items to send you)

So I got...
Rituals Foaming Shower Foam.
I LOVE THIS!!!! It turns into a mouse kind of texture, it was full sized and it smells amazing! 
Price: £6.50 
Buy again: yes, definitely.

Blink+Go Long Lasting Black Mascara
I haven't tried this as I have decided to sell it on my cousin's eBay because I already have too many mascaras. 
And it's full sized.
Price: £14.99
Rate: Can't give it one, but the packaging looks cool.
Buy again: Couldn't say.

Cargo Lip Gloss
Half Size. Haven't tried it as I am selling it because I already have too many lip glosses.
Price: £10
Rate: Can't rate it.
Buy Again: Can't answer.

Deborah Lippmann mini Nail Varnish in Razzle Dazzle and Stripped To Go sachet
I adore this its such an amazing colour! And I havent tried the nail polish remover pads yet. 
Price: £16 (polish) £14 (pack of 14 pads)
Rate: ****
Buy again: Yes!

Age thing. 
I'm not going to do a proper review on this because I can't remember what it was as I gave it to my Mum because it was something to do with 'age'.

So I hope you liked this post, please comment below what your thought of it. And sorry once again for not posting for a while!

Love Amelia xx


  1. fab!!!^^
    i love the nailpolish ;)


  2. obsessed with the deborah lippmann nail polish!

  3. I love the cargo lip gloss and the nail polish.

    Here is what we got in the Australian GB

  4. I am really thinking of signing up to GB.